The team and the company

BAULNE’s motto: Caring for people and buildings.

An expert in HVAC, building automation systems (BAS) and building mechanics for over 15 years

With our team of engineers and technicians who have diversified expertise in the fields of HVAC, building automation systems and mechanics, BAULNE has earned customers’ trust since our foundation in 2002.

Over the years, BAULNE has built a portfolio of quality customers. Since the very beginning, BAULNE has been a locally and regionally rooted company, with offices located in Lachine and in Québec City. We are also one of the only companies in Québec to provide a 360-degree service offering, including building maintenance, design-build and optimization.


BAULNE’s motto is Caring for people and buildings. Inspired by these words as well as values, such as passion, openness, initiative, respect and excellence, BAULNE’s mission is to make users, administrators and owners happy in their environments through green, connected and efficient technologies.

Our team

Experienced and multidisciplinary

BAULNE has a team rich with nearly 40 professionals, including engineers, refrigeration specialists, heating specialists, building automation technicians, building mechanics technicians, stationary machine mechanics, technical advisors, account managers and a service manager. What sets our employees apart? They all care deeply about people and buildings.

The management team

BAULNE’s management team has vast experience as well as solid industry expertise. Here are its members:

Marc André Baulne, ing.

Marc André Baulne, ing.


Sébastien Grisé

Sébastien Grisé

Executive VP / General Director

Julien Edja, ing. CMVP, CEM

Julien Edja, ing. CMVP, CEM

Director, Optimization and Energy Efficiency Department

Michel Baulne

Michel Baulne

Senior Advisor


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