Discover Chad’s journey in HVAC refrigeration, offering expert insights and solutions for critical equipment maintenance and emergency repairs.


Meet Thierry, a BAULNE HVAC technician with 20+ years of experience, prioritizing truth, efficiency, and cost-effective solutions for every client.


Steven has 13 years of experience. What motivates him is to solve problems that others have not been able to identify before him. The highlight of his career was being able to help a major client find the right operating conditions for a chiller that had been installed several years ago. 

Meet Our Building Mechanics Technicians

At BAULNE, our technicians have a great deal of experience and many stories to tell. Every day, they provide their expertise as a service to our customers to help them achieve their goals and save time and money.

Preventive Maintenance Simplified

Your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are at the heart of your operations, helping to make your workplace a living environment for your employees. Not all of us are born technicians, so it’s easy to get lost. To help you find your way around, the BAULNE team has prepared this practical guide. You’ll be better equipped to ask the right questions and make better decisions when it comes to the preventive maintenance of your equipment.

HVAC Equipment Guide

We often hear the terms rooftop unit, unit heater or water tower. But what is this equipment? How do they work? This guide will help you find your way around the next time your BAULNE technician visits you.

3 Types Of Energy Optimization For Your Heating System

The commercial building sector is responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions in Québec, mainly due to energy-consuming and/or poorly maintained heating systems. Numerous solutions have been put in place to optimize the energy efficiency of these buildings, and eventually reduce greenhouse gas emissions and your bills!

Energy Optimization And Boiler Maintenance

The condensation process is characterized by a change from a gaseous state (steam) to a liquid state. This phase transition produces a certain amount of energy, known as latent heat.