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Here are some practical tips on how to manage your boilers.

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A boiler is a piece of industrial equipment used to convert energy (heat source) into a liquid (usually water or steam). Industrial boilers produce more than 70 kW of power.

Boiler efficiency has been the subject of many statistics and case studies. In general, condensing boilers are more efficient. Remember that boiler performance can be affected by the quality of the maintenance, so be vigilant with your maintenance processes.


Did you know that an annual adjustment of the combustion process (O2 + fuel mixture, control of combustion air, etc.) can result in energy and cost savings of 10 to 15%?

In fact, optimization and maintenance procedures can have a positive impact on the boiler’s efficiency.

There are normally three ways to maintain good energy performance when using boilers:

  1. Improve combustion efficiency.
  2. Reduce external losses from the combustion chamber.
  3. Better control of the combustion furnace or the boiler.
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The easiest solution still remains having a good maintenance program. According to the Energy Management Handbook as well as our optimization department, optimization and maintenance procedures can positively impact the boiler’s efficiency in many ways:

  • Properly adjust the air-fuel mixture (for forced air boilers with settings). Must be done by a specialized technician.
  • Maintain the water supply treatment, the automatic purge controls, etc., as appropriate.
  • Clean the heat exchanger surfaces on the fire side and the water side. Also monitor the heat exchanger’s stacking and approach temperatures to prevent clogging.
  • Ensure hot surfaces are fully insulated to control radiant heat loss.
  • Sequence several boilers to reduce partial pressure loss from lightly loaded equipment.

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