Data centers, server rooms and critical air-conditioning environments of 0.5 to 50 MW.

Continual and non-stop monitoring for an optimal data center

Data is the heart of your organization. In order to always have access to it and to be able to continue to serve your customers, our experts take care of your air-conditioning needs for your data center.

We support you in:

  • Identifying and eliminating all your server room’s hot points.
  • Checking that your units are 100% airtight to limit humidity and the risk of insect infiltration.
  • Finding ideas for heat recovery
  • Forecasting potential damage to your IT system
  • Avoiding premature failure to any of your cooling equipment
  • Minimizing downtime
  • Maximizing reliability, redundancy, flexibility and efficiency of your air-conditioning system

Intelligent design-build combined with proper selection of equipment results in cost reduction

With new technologies available on the market, the needs in server room air-conditioning are evolving. It’s vital to select the necessary units so you can operate efficiently 24/7. It’s also important to opt for efficient heat recovery strategies. Whether for a construction project of an air-conditioned data center, the modernisation of your server room or the creation of an environment with precision cooling systems, our HVAC experts can help you design-build and maintain reliable systems to protect your data at all times.

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Integrated design-build

Our experienced engineers and partners offer you HVAC equipment according to your needs. Our team can help you to optimize the costs of construction while reducing risk. Thanks to our ongoing support, you will be guaranteed exceptional quality and conformity with safety and building construction norms. In addition, we develop at your pace while offering continuous improvement to maximize your infrastructure.

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Accessible and reliable maintenance service

Whether you opt for water or mechanically-cooled air-conditioning for your data center, we can replace, renew and upgrade all configurations of your systems. In order to maintain an optimal quality, we also offer you a preventative maintenance plan. Naturally, you can always rely on our team of certified technicians to repair all urgencies 24/7.

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Air-conditioning and dehumidification optimization of your data center

If you already have a ventilation system for your server area, we can introduce energy optimization of the system in place. We will evaluate the different energy subsidies with you that can be applied to your air conditioning project. We can also add controls and integrate building automation to your cooling system needs.

Quebec – a very competitive market for data centers

Quebec climate is perfect to build data centers. Our territory is vast and utility costs are advantageous. Add to that the data storage business keeps increasing and we have all the resources to welcome more and more data centers. This growing request also brings more competition into the market.

The importance of PUE ratio reduction
In this competitive world, it is important to find solutions to reduce / optimize your PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) ratio. By reducing PUE, you will be more efficient and your data center will be more attractive for potential customers.

Why protect your data?

Imagine a moment that the air-conditioning system of your computer room or data center stop working. Your servers could overheat, your customers could no longer have access to data because of network breakdowns and you could possibly lose all your customer files. The constant cooling of your server room should not be neglected. A good air-conditioning system for your IT rooms secures your data and provides you with lasting peace of mind.


The advantages of heat recovery

Did you know that the heat of server rooms can climb higher than 35 degrees Celsius? This surplus heat can be recovered to improve your energy efficiency. BAULNE can help you to create heat recovery systems that work very well. This added heat can serve, among others, to heat your office, grow crops or heat a swimming-pool.


A turnkey solution for the air-conditioning of your IT room

We create the best system for your needs by creating the selection and installation of your air-conditioning equipment. But our service doesn’t stop there. We will also offer you a program of flexible and reliable maintenance.