Chad joined the ranks of the BAULNE team 5 years ago. He now has 23 years of experience as an HVAC technician and on several occasions, he has been able to help resolve problems permanently by analyzing the situation and suggesting improvements to his customers. 

“During the construction of a large hospital center in Montréal, I worked on the installation of a new system which would be used to cool the server room. Servers are at the center of patient record keeping, equipment and means of communication. It is vital! I noticed that the structure which housed this equipment was very vulnerable to bad weather. I proposed modifications that made everything more robust and thus ensured the safety and integrity of critical equipment. “ 

Chad was also called upon to intervene for an emergency repair on refrigeration equipment for a major client in the food industry. 

“It was just before the holiday season, a critical part not available locally was defective. We were able to find an emergency replacement part which was flown in from the United States. The customer was anxious to have the part since their perishable food inventory was very high to meet holiday demand. Time was of the essence because in food, we cannot afford significant temperature variations, the health of consumers was at stake. Despite the tension, I was able to keep the customer informed of developments, quickly carry out the intervention and restart the equipment on time while ensuring the integrity of the inventory. “


It is important to size the equipment considering climatic variations. A client in the pharmaceutical industry had a large fleet of rooftop units. Unfortunately, the drains to ensure the flow of condensed water were poorly sized and during significant periods of humidity, the water flowed inside the building and even flowed onto the finished products, damaging them in the process. By taking the time to analyze the need and the situation, it was possible to modify the drains correctly and thus eliminate the problem at the source. 

It is also important to ensure the integrity of the electrical circuit of equipment. A simple intervention is to tighten the electrical connections and carry out a visual inspection of the cables. The electrical distribution portion should ideally be inspected by thermography to detect power supply problems at the terminal blocks. This allows you to switch to prevention mode, plan the intervention in advance, avoid unforeseen stoppages and control costs.


Chad wanted to be a firefighter but through a combination of circumstances his path led him to reorient himself in building mechanics. Active by nature, he prefers to be in the field than behind a desk. After meeting and talking with HVAC workers, he was able to learn more about this profession. At the start of his career, he had the chance to work in ventilation, but he realized that he preferred to have more challenges; installing new equipment, carrying out a repair and diagnosing the origin of a problem are now part of his daily life, and he loves it! 


Despite significant growth in recent years, BAULNE has remained a family company where management is close to its employees. The great bond between the members of the team also ensures that everyday life is pleasant and promotes exchanges and a feeling of belonging.   


3 maintenance points to remember according to Chad

  1. Ensure there are no refrigerant leaks, essential for the environment
  2. Validate the electrical connections, no hot spots in the components to avoid equipment shutdowns
  3. A system that functions well must also be well insulated to prevent condensation from causing trip hazards or damage to surrounding equipment or materials



Our team is like a family where we want to create an environment in which our employees feel valued, and their experience recognized. Check out our technicians’ stories to learn more.