See the benefits that LEED certification provides to your building!

What is LEED?

Buildings are responsible for emitting 35% of all greenhouse gasses, 35% of gasses from landfills after construction and demolition work, and 70% from water consumption. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings can therefore have a significant impact on the achievement of global environmental objectives.


Why choose LEED?

In a world in which environmental and energy stakes are high, becoming a leader in the fight against climate change and leading by example in terms of efficient energy consumption makes perfect sense. This provides you with many advantages:

Building owners and managers

LEED certification demonstrates your concern for accountability and transparency. In addition, it provides confirmation that your project was designed, constructed and operated as planned, which is a sizeable consideration for owners, tenants and operators alike. Your building will be the pinnacle in terms of comfort, indoor air quality and efficient consumption, both on paper and in reality.

Energy efficiency
LEED certification helps you to save water, energy and money, year after year, and provides continuous measurement to quantify this performance. Your building will therefore always be used to its full potential. In addition to providing a healthy, comfortable environment, you will save up to 40% of your water and energy bills.

Worldwide reputation
LEED certification is recognized all over the world as a benchmark in sustainable buildings. In addition to being registered in a public database of LEED project profiles, your project will get access to tools and advice to ensure effective marketing and proper promotion.


Energy and cost savings
To reduce their operating costs.
To achieve real and timely results by reducing consumption of water, energy and other related resources, and ultimately reducing their carbon footprint.

A healthier work environment
To provide a cleaner, healthier work environment, thereby increasing occupant satisfaction, such as employees.

Improve your company’s image
To enhance your profile so that you stand out as caring about your environmental footprint and the future of our society.

A HEC study found that LEED sustainable buildings have a greater rental value (+4% to +17.3%) and a higher occupancy rate (+10.2% to 16%) than their non-certified equivalents*.

* http://www.hec.ca/developpement_durable/recherche/Gridd_Cahiers_Recherche_Numero_2011-1.pdf

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