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We are skilled in building mechanics for industrial, agriculture, commercial, office space, residential and institutional sectors.

Services en mécanique du bâtiment CVAC

Industrial / Manufacturing

Your plant must meet strict standards in addition to being reliable in terms of building mechanics. This is why BAULNE will ensure that your building mechanics HVAC equipment works properly in order to maintain, and even increase your rate of production. We strive to limit stoppages due to mechanical breakdown and to minimize energy losses. We are committed to reducing your operating costs while boosting your efficiency. In addition to maintenance and optimization, a custom equipment design and installation service is also available.


The agriculture industry is in full transformation and BAULNE is evolving at the same pace. Consumer needs are changing and increasing, import/export markets are opening up and the availability of resources is vulnerable. To adapt to this reality, the market has evolved and we are currently experiencing an explosion of crops in greenhouses or indoor horticultural facilities. But in order to survive, these facilities must be able to properly control the crop’s climatic environment to provide the most abundant harvest with the lowest possible energy and resource costs. Because of our expertise, BAULNE plays a major role in helping farmers produce controlled crops.

Services en mécanique du bâtiment CVAC
Services en mécanique du bâtiment CVAC


Optimal comfort and intelligent management; these are the benefits you get for your building mechanics and HVAC systems because of our specific expertise in this field. Your customers’ comfort is our priority. We can handle your independent equipment and integrate it into a manageable system. Our systemic method provides optimum protection and cost-effectiveness for your investments. BAULNE also provides a personalized installation and maintenance program designed to significantly reduce your maintenance budget as well as your operating costs. We strive to ensure rigorous and efficient management of your facilities’ comfort at all times.


Your office spaces must be as comfortable as possible for your occupants. Take advantage of our expertise to install easy-to-use, optimal control systems that will meet your needs in terms of climatic comfort and according to the best building mechanics standards. Our unsurpassed knowledge in office tower thermal systems installation and optimization includes: preventative automatic control and cooling systems maintenance, improving indoor comfort and maintaining it, relocating zones, and much more.

Services en mécanique du bâtiment CVAC
Services en mécanique du bâtiment CVAC


We help multi-residential building owners and managers provide their tenants with maximum comfort. Your primary concern is also ours! In addition to handling the installation of your equipment and their maintenance, our team can significantly optimize your energy efficiency. You will thereby reduce your operating costs while remaining efficient and competitive. Trust our specialists at all times; they understand your industry’s challenges better than anyone and are equipped to support you during every step of your project.


We ensure that all the building mechanical equipment in our institutions remains reliable. Schools, hospitals, libraries; we can help you maintain our society’s durable properties. Our expertise in environmental and air quality standards enables us to offer powerful solutions designed to protect people’s health. Our motto: Caring for people and buildings.

Services en mécanique du bâtiment CVAC


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