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List of possible energy optimization grants

At first glance, undertaking an energy efficiency project may seem costly. However, did you know that there are many subsidies available to help you reduce project costs and your energy impact on the environment? BAULNE helps its customers apply for the various energy optimization grants to obtain maximum financing to offset the costs of their efficiency measures. There may be multiple energy optimization grants available for the project being considered, thereby decreasing implementation costs without compromising energy savings.

Below are the most useful energy optimization grants for our customers in the commercialindustrial/manufacturinginstitutionalmulti-residential and office tower sectors.

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The ÉcoPerformance program is for consumers of fossil fuels working in the business community with a site operating on Quebec soil. It is intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from combustion of fossil fuels or fugitive releases. To achieve this eco-performance objective, the program finances energy consumption and production measures and projects, as well as process improvement. The ÉcoPerformance subsidies are granted by Transition Énergétique Québec (TEQ), and remain in force until March 31, 2021.

Analysis component

The Analysis component subsidizes the equivalent of 50% of the costs of an energy analysis, up to a maximum amount of $100,000 per site. An energy study is required to provide a detailed portrait of a building’s consumption, including an analysis of the various economic and energy measures that can be implemented to improve its energy efficiency.

Implementation component

This component of the ÉcoPerformance program provides financial assistance for measures helping to reduce greenhouse gasses. It is the lowest amount of the three following criteria:

  1. The amount required to bring the total amount of energy optimization grants received from all sources combined to 75% of the expenditure inherent to implement the measure;
  2. The fixed amount to reduce the eco-performance measure’s internal return period in commercial and institutional environments to three years, notwithstanding other possible energy optimization grants. For the industrial/manufacturer sector, the duration of this period is one year;
  3. $125/tonne of CO2eq saved per measure dedicated to small and medium consumers. This amount decreases to $50/tonne for large consumers.

In short, financial assistance allocated in implementation component range up to $125/tonne of CO2eq saved.

Energir, formerly Gaz Métro, is the largest natural gas distributor in the province of Quebec. It is also known for its expertise in renewable energies and energy efficiency,  and provides energy optimization grants to purchase equipment or to implement measures reducing natural gas consumption.

Implementing effective measures

When applying eco-performance measures to generate reduced natural gas consumption, it is possible to obtain an energy optimization grant of $0.30/m3 of natural gas saved in the first year following their implementation.

Feasibility study component

Energir offers an energy optimization grant of 50% of the costs related to a feasibility study, up to a maximum amount of $5000. This is based on the annual volume of natural gas consumption.

Efficient boiler grant

Energir provides an energy optimization grant ranging between $900 and $25,000 for the purchase of a highly efficient condensing boiler that recovers energy produced by latent heat, depending upon the model chosen and its capacity. In the case of an intermediate energy-efficiency boiler, the energy optimization grant is between $750 and $10,000, based on the same two criteria. This initiative fits in with the company’s energy efficiency program.

Efficient water-heater grant

An energy optimization grant between $750 and $20,000 is available for the purchase of a natural gas condensing hot water heater. The amount is fixed according to the device’s capacity.

Programme bâtiments
(secteurs institutionnel et commercial)

The Bâtiments d’Hydro-Québec program subsidizes measures taken to reduce a building or a group of buildings’ electrical consumption. This energy optimization grant applies to institutional and commercial markets, and does not take into account energy conversion measures, in particular the transition from electricity to natural gas.

Custom component

This component of the Buildings Program applies to buildings that are 10,000 m2 or more in which annual electrical saving measures of at least 50,000 kWh are implemented. The amount of the energy optimization grant can be 8₵ per kWh saved, with the possibility of a bonus up to 16₵/kWh, depending on the kind of measures implemented.

Prescriptive component

The prescriptive component of the Buildings Program is attractive to establishments smaller than 10,000 m2 and an energy optimization grant for predefined electricity savings measures.  The amount granted can reach 8₵/kWh saved.

Prescriptive measures component

This component’s financial support is provided to implement energy efficiency measures in terms of lighting, variable frequency drives, air compressors, and water cooling or industrial refrigeration systems. The amount provided can total up to 15₵ per kWh saved.

Custom projects component

This is financial assistance for projects whose objective is to reduce electrical consumption by a minimum of 25,000 kWh per year. This assistance can reach up to 15₵ per kWh of eligible savings, for a maximum energy optimization grant of $2M per project. The measures eligible for the program can be systems or equipment modernization.


Programme systèmes industriels

Le programme Systèmes industriels d’Hydro-Québec offre des subventions pour les mesures visant à réduire la consommation électrique d’un bâtiment du marché industriel. Ce type de subvention ne prend pas en considération les mesures de conversion d’énergie, notamment la transition de l’électricité vers le gaz naturel.

Volet mesures prescriptives

Le soutien financier de ce volet est fourni par la mise en application de mesures d’efficacité énergétique en termes d’éclairage, d’entraînement à fréquence variable, de compression de l’air, de refroidissement à l’eau ou de système de réfrigération industrielle. Le montant attribué peut totaliser jusqu’à 15₵ par kWh épargné.

Volet projets sur mesure

Il s’agit d’une aide financière pour la réalisation de projets ayant pour objectif une réduction de la consommation d’électricité, équivalente à un minimum de 25 000 kWh par année. Cet appui peut atteindre jusqu’à 15₵ par kWh économisé admissible, pour une subvention maximale de 2 M$ par projet. Les mesures admissibles au programme peuvent entre autres être la modernisation d’une installation ou d’un équipement.

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