Meet Our Building Mechanics Technicians



At BAULNE, our technicians have a great deal of experience and many stories to tell. Every day, they provide their expertise as a service to our customers to help them achieve their goals and save time and money.

To brighten up your day and show you what our experts can accomplish for you, we are going to share with you their experiences and what they are passionate about in their profession.


Preventive maintenance is like going to your doctor and getting tests done to make sure your body is working properly. Routine interventions can prevent serious incidents that would cause your equipment to age prematurely. For example, one of our customers wanted to delay changing the filter in their ventilation system. The filter became so dirty that it started bulging and eventually got sucked in by the fan, blocking it in the process. Unfortunately, simply a filter caused the equipment to break, resulting in costs of $15,000, not to mention the downtime of operations and the customer’s headaches.


Technology and legislation are evolving. It is important to stay on top of things to avoid issues. A customer with a cooling unit using an R22 fluid had to urgently find rental units to meet his needs since this product is no longer produced because of its recognized negative impacts on the environment.

It is therefore imperative to be proactive in replacing equipment. After 20 years of loyal service, it is not uncommon for replacement parts to be unavailable. It should also be taken into consideration that, in general, units are now designed with lighter but less robust frames. This requires more vigilance and good planning on the part of building managers.


Our team is like a family where we want to create an environment in which our employees feel valued, and their experience recognized. Check out our technicians’ stories to learn more.

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