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Here are a few practical tips on how to manage your industrial pumps.

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Industrial pumps are classified according to their application and capacity. The two main types of pumps are:

  • Centrifugal pumps: Radial flow: the pressure is created entirely by centrifugal force. Mixed flow: the pressure is created in part by centrifugal force and in part by the elevation of the turbine blades in the liquid. Axial flow: the pressure is created by the action the turbine blade propulsion or lifting in the liquid.
  • Volumetric pumps: A volumetric pump has an expanding cavity on the suction side of the pump and a decreasing cavity on the purge side. A specific volume of liquid enters a compartment before being discharged at the end. This movement helps move the liquid between the suction port and the discharge port.


Industrial pumps are often used beyond their point of optimal efficiency, in addition to:

  • Being installed on unstable supports
  • Being operated when they are slightly or completely misaligned
  • Not being properly lubricated, until the bearing seize and vibrate

When industrial pumps stop working, the defective components are replaced with new parts, often without considering why the breakdown occurred, and the deterioration process continues once again.

Proper maintenance is crucial for the industrial pump to reach its maximum efficiency. In addition, because industrial pumps are an integral part of many HVAC applications and processes, their efficiency directly impacts the efficiency of other components in the system. For example, an inappropriately-sized industrial pump will have an impact on the critical flow rates of other equipment (such as a chiller), whose efficiency is based on these flow rates.

There are some other great methods.

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