An expert in institutional air conditioning

LCaring for people and buildings is our motto. Put us to the challenge for your building system design, installation, maintenance and optimisation projects. Our engineers and technicians are always available.

Institutional air conditioning service 

We ensure that all air conditioners and building mechanic’s equipment is reliable in the institutions we maintain. Hospitals, schools and libraries are the heart of our society and we can help you maintain them.

Our expertise in environmental and air quality standards enables us to provide efficient solutions to protect your occupants’ health and safety.

Our motto: Caring for people and buildings.


The comfort of students and staff is of primary importance

Poor indoor air quality is a known cause of building deterioration. Polluted ambient air has a negative impact on students and teachers, affecting their health, comfort and performance (eye irritation, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, etc.).

Recent studies on human exposure to atmospheric pollutants, conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, indicate that pollutant levels inside a building can be two to five times (and sometimes greater than 100 times) higher than outdoor levels.

BAULNE will handle this through its comprehensive building mechanics service!

For a few years now, you have been servicing our chillers, and we can tell you that your services exceed our expectations and that we are pleased to have you as a partner to maintain our McQuay and Trane chillers. Your refrigeration specialist’s broad expertise with the different brands of chillers is undeniably one of the strongest on the market. We hope that this partnership will continue for many years.

Luc Paquin, Eng. MBA

Director, Equipment Service, ÉTS


Perfect control of your healthcare facility

Healthcare facilities are some of the most valuable investments in society. The requirement to provide perfect air quality for both patients and caregivers is fundamental.

BAULNE meets the management and maintenance standards of buildings used for healthcare services. Our institutional air conditioners and HVAC solutions comply with the strictest healthcare establishment standards and regulations.

Government buildings

Ensure your employees’ comfort and optimize energy

Managing government buildings presents a sizeable challenge because of the complexity and variety of jobs within. From office towers to specialized service centres, to libraries, each site has its own unique and specific needs.

BAULNE can provide strategic support to service, maintenance and operation teams through a preventative and corrective maintenance program. Energy efficiency and user comfort are our core priorities.

Comprehensive HVAC services and expertise

Here are some of the equipment that can be designed, installed, and optimized by our HVAC specialists:

Building automation systems (Immotics)    l    Chillers    l    Cooling towers   l   Heat exchangers    l    Pumps    l    Frequency inverters    l    Fans    l   Filtration systems    l   Boilers    l   Chemical-free water treatment    l   Rooftop air conditioning units    l    Air make up units    l Condensing units    l    CSA B-52 mechanical room updates   l    Financing  l  And more...

Who is BAULNE?

Located in Montréal and Québec City, BAULNE offers a wide range of HVAC services for many different business sectors. BAULNE offers HVAC services for industrial, commercial, office, residential and institutional applications.

Thanks to our portfolio of quality clients as well as our team of engineers and technicians that have proven expertise in HVAC, BAULNE  is one of the only Québec-based companies that offers 360-degree services, including building maintenance, design-build and optimization.


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