A solution for all types of commercial or industrial chillers. We offer design-build, maintenance and optimization services.

Ensure that your chillers operate properly and reduce your operating costs.

Chiller systems are essential for your building’s efficient operation. Proper design, installation, maintenance, and optimization are of paramount importance.

Here is some practical advice about managing your chillers.

What is a chillers?

A chiller can generally be classified as being a refrigeration system whose role is to chill a liquid. When water is cooled, it can be used for a variety of applications, including enhancing user comfort and optimizing industrial processes.

Chiller cost management and energy efficiency

There are different ways to improve a chiller’s efficiency and therefore reduce its operating costs:

  • Reduce the condenser water temperature
  • Maintain adequate water flow to the condenser
  • Increase the temperature of the cooled water
  • Reduce auxiliary equipment energy requirements
  • Use outside air to cool (“free cooling”)
  • Combine different types of chillers for maximum efficiency
  • Put heat recovery systems in place
  • Use a motor frequency converter
  • Use ice bank technology
  • Keep tubes unclogged
  • And many others

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Who is BAULNE?

Located in Montréal and Québec City, BAULNE offers a wide range of HVAC services for many different business sectors. BAULNE offers HVAC services for industrial, commercial, office, residential and institutional applications.

Thanks to our portfolio of quality clients as well as our team of engineers and technicians that have proven expertise in HVAC, BAULNE  is one of the only Québec-based companies that offers 360-degree services, including building maintenance, design-build and optimization.


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