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Here are some practical tips on how to manage your heat exchangers.

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The primary purpose of a heat exchanger is to transfer one liquid’s thermal energy to another without touching or mixing them. Thermal energy passes through the exchange surface that separates the liquids. This keeps the two liquids unchanged, but allows their temperature to change.

There are many types of heat exchangers:

  • Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Coil heat exchanger
  • Spiral heat exchanger
  • Plate heat exchanger


More often than not, unexpected shutdowns will be much more expensive than having a regular maintenance program. The first step to maintain your heat exchanger is to keep it clean and to visually inspect the exchanger to discover any cracks or perforations. Most problems can be identified during a visual inspection. A maintenance program must be suitable for the equipment’s particularities as well as for its environment.

There are some other great methods

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