BAULNE fière partenaire de Chiller Systems Group


What is the Chiller Systems Group?

The Chiller Systems Group, CSG, is a network of independent contractors dedicated to providing building owners with the highest level of chiller service and a highly qualified, unbiased alternative to services provided by manufacturers. The group’s members are committed to sharing information and obtaining the training required to effectively manage the latest technologies. Members collaborate with each other to solve problems when needed through an e-mail user group. Annual meetings are held for training purposes, to share best practices, and to explore new ways to best meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. BAULNE is proud to be CSG partner in Canada.

Qu’est-ce que le Chiller Systems Group?

Le Chiller Systems Group, CSG, est un réseau d’entrepreneurs indépendants soucieux d’offrir aux propriétaires d’immeubles un service de maintenance de haut niveau de refroidisseurs. Continuellement engagés dans une démarche de partage d’information et de qualité, ces entrepreneurs mettent à jour leurs compétences par le biais de formation continue, dans le but de gérer efficacement les plus récentes technologies et de proposer une juste alternative aux services offerts par les différents manufacturiers. Les membres du Chiller Systems Group n’hésitent pas également à collaborer entre eux au besoin via des forums de discussion par courriel, en plus de se rencontrer annuellement afin de parfaire leurs connaissances, d’échanger sur les meilleures pratiques et d’explorer de nouvelles approches visant à toujours mieux répondre aux besoins changeants de nos clients. BAULNE est fière d’être un partenaire de CSG au Canada.

Missed the CSG MEETING? Here is a recap of the event!

Above all, we want to say that it was a pleasure and privilege for BAULNE to host the CHILLER SYSTEMS GROUP meeting here in MONTRÉAL. We met a lot of very interesting and knowledgeable members and learned a great deal. The opening event took place in Old Montreal’s WILLIAM GRAY HOTEL, as all the attendees gathered for a rooftop meet & greet cocktail. Great company, sun, drinks, Quebec “poutine” and Schwartz smoked meat sandwiches made for a gathering full of happy faces, and set the tone for the events to come.

Among the interesting and highly informative presentations that marked the 2017 edition of the CSG Spring Meeting, we note one given by SUMMIT REFRIGERANTS James Carver and Nick Holden dedicated to The Future of Refrigerants, which was nicely complemented by TRANE’s Justin Wieman’s discourse entitled Refrigerant Updates and Efficient Chilled Water Design. David Sylves, meanwhile, gave attendees a great overview of BITZER’s various compressor technologies. Another highlight was Alan Russenberger, MICRO CONTROL SYSTEMS, on the retrofitting of chiller and compressors control panels.

Other presentations of note that marked the CSG Meeting were a discussion by Orton Baker of JONAS SOFTWARE on their computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed to meet HVAC industry contractors needs, FINANCIAL RISK SOLUTIONS Jim Wilson and their comprehensive commercial HVAC service contract insurance and product warranty insurance.  And to complete the meeting, a SMARDT CHILLER GROUP plant tour where the TURBOCOR oil-free centrifugal compressor technology is applied. .

Thanks to all partners