For all types of equipment and according to your industry

Modernize your systems with design-build experts

Caring about people begins by ensuring that occupants are comfortable in your building. In order to provide a comfortable temperature 365 days per year, your HVAC systems must be functional and efficient. BAULNE will work on your obsolete and energy-hungry systems in order to modernize them and make them more efficient. The company has completed countless major design-build and equipment replacement projects of all kinds, which has enabled it to develop unique expertise, your guarantee of success. We are the design-build experts!


Replace your obsolete, energy-hungry equipment to increase the performance of your systems.


Program and automate your equipment in a simple, centralized way for absolute control over your building’s climate.


Add new equipment and control systems and increase the value of your building.

Is your HVAC equipment obsolete?

BAULNE’s team of engineers and technicians have diversified design-build expertise in the field of building automation and HVAC maintenance. They will be able to provide custom design-build HVAC services and solutions that are adapted to buildings, business sector and needs. Whether your space is for industrial, manufacturing, commercial, office, residential or institutional purposes, BAULNE can install all types of building mechanical equipment:

  • Automation control systems
  • Water cooling systems
  • Water towers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pumps
  • Frequency inverters
  • Ventilation units
  • Filtration systems
  • Rooftop air-conditioning units
  • Air supply units
  • Fans
  • Condenser units
  • CSA B-52 mechanical room upgrades
  • Financing

Efficient building automations solutions

BAULNE can provide you with large-scale building automation solutions that meet your specific needs and which can improve your systems’ performance.

In collaboration with Alerton, a sustainable and efficient technology meeting the highest quality standards on the market, installing building automation systems increases your building’s energy efficiency, reduces operating time and maximizes the use of space. This system works in collaboration with your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment in order to enable you to easily and centrally program, control, and automate your building’s climate.

Our partners

Solution immotique

Sustainable, efficient technology meeting the highest quality standards on the market. Alerton’s products are easy to use and suitable for all your projects and upgrades, without binding you to complex proprietary technologies.

Griswold provides a pure and simple chemical-free solution that uses proven technology for unparalleled control of scale build-up, corrosion and bacterial growth.


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