Expertise in industrial and commercial HVAC equipment design, installation, maintenance and optimization, for your building’s efficiency and the comfort of its occupants.

A one-stop shop for all of your needs!

Benefit from a multidisciplinary team with experience handling all types of equipment as well as all the recognized brands on the market. BAULNE is one of the only Québec companies to have a 360-degree service offering including building design, installation, maintenance and optimization.

Who is BAULNE?

Located in Montréal and Québec City, BAULNE offers a wide range of HVAC services for many different business sectors. BAULNE offers HVAC services for industrial, commercial, office, residential and institutional applications.

Thanks to our portfolio of quality clients as well as our team of engineers and technicians that have proven expertise in HVAC, BAULNE  is one of the only Québec-based companies that offers 360-degree services, including building maintenancedesign-build and optimization.